ThoughtMy name is Dave Pughe-Parry. At this stage of my life - just beyond 60 - I am now doing different things, and doing them differently, as I don't believe in retirement! Having had a wide variety of careers in my life I am keen to make a real and meaningful difference.

Change requires many things, but the first is an "Audacious Thought". If the thought is not audacious you are merely tweaking the status quo. More of the same old, same old...

Our lives in western society are so dominated by incompetent and politically-correct government (there are a few exceptions) and unethical (to say the least) and rabidly profit driven business, especially big business.

FullFlightI have had a rich and full life. The ups and downs have been spectacular in their height and their depths, the average were merely fleeting blips on the roller-coaster ride.

From being expelled in high school - for a weekend only - the teacher had a change of heart thank goodness, to being selected for the leadership group in the army 2 years later, my life has been varied, diverse, and fast.

This perhaps explains why, when in my mid-forties, I was unexpectedly diagnosed as having ADHD. Thankfully, at this age, it was not too late to do anything about it.

I founded Living ADDventure® while living in the sleepy hamlet of Fish Hoek some 15 years ago. This has now become my life's purpose, to help those who have the condition, and those who live alongside it.

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