ThoughtMy name is Dave Pughe-Parry. At this stage of my life - just beyond 60 - I am now doing different things, and doing them differently, as I don't believe in retirement! Having had a wide variety of careers in my life I am keen to make a real and meaningful difference.

Change requires many things, but the first is an "Audacious Thought". If the thought is not audacious you are merely tweaking the status quo. More of the same old, same old...

Our lives in western society are so dominated by incompetent and politically-correct government (there are a few exceptions) and unethical (to say the least) and rabidly profit driven business, especially big business.

The slogan for this website with it's eclectic range of topics is simply this challenge; "What's the point of being alive if you don't at least try to do something remarkable."

If we think more about what we do, and more intensely about how do those things, and who we do them to, and who we do them with, life will be different.

All of the inventions and events of progress in history have been born of an audacious thought, and given life by someone who said to him or herself, "why not, or what if?"

Those two questions had to be answered before anyone could start on working on the "how!"

This website will question the status-quo vigorously to stimulate it's readers to start thinking audaciously.

Many people resist change. After all, just thinking about change demands that you step out of a well-worn comfort zone into the scary frontiers of the unknown.

It will be great if some of you will join me on this journey of bold discovery.

The Intention is have writers of all kinds, illustrators of all types, graphic, fashion and industrial designers, photographers, videographers and film makers, make an audacious statement about something they feel strongly about in their industry and lives.


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