FullFlightI have had a rich and full life. The ups and downs have been spectacular in their height and their depths, the average were merely fleeting blips on the roller-coaster ride.

From being expelled in high school - for a weekend only - the teacher had a change of heart thank goodness, to being selected for the leadership group in the army 2 years later, my life has been varied, diverse, and fast.

This perhaps explains why, when in my mid-forties, I was unexpectedly diagnosed as having ADHD. Thankfully, at this age, it was not too late to do anything about it.

I founded Living ADDventure® while living in the sleepy hamlet of Fish Hoek some 15 years ago. This has now become my life's purpose, to help those who have the condition, and those who live alongside it.

The intervening years were a frenzied period of different careers, spectacular achievements, a failed business and many ideas left on the back-burner, waking up in the CAT-scan machine after collapsing with burnout, not being able to find work, being given opportunities, and having them taken away - in short, my life never had a dull moment.

All of my different careers have been in the media and training world. From training soldiers, to managers, from conceptualising, writing, directing and producing multi-media productions, from news and advertising photography to videography, from graphic designer to content producer/writer and book author, from sound engineer to music producer, to directing massive industrial theatre productions, and finally to ADHD coach, and a few more too minor to mention.

Every single one of the periods in my life have been instructive, each job has provided new challenges to overcome, each new career has provided a building block on which I continue to build.

This website gives me a place where I can express myself about the people and things that interest me, the people and events that amaze me in their potent simplicity, make me bow my head as I admire their humility, those who sweep me along joyfully with their courageous passion, and those who rouse me to outrage, and despair.

I do a lot of public speaking - different to training and workshops - on ADHD and parenting at conferences and events across South Africa.

DVD Slip400My first book, “I'm Audacious, Original and Innovative – I have ADHD!” sold out within a year, this despite only being available at talks and on our Living ADDventure® website. This unique book is available as an eBook and an audio book - you get the two together. The reason for that is many people who have ADHD struggle to read. Having the audio version enables them to "listen-read," a process that enables them to get the full impact of the written word, and of course, not miss any illustrations that may be on the page.

I have recently completed the first two parts of a fairy tale trilogy. Each book is written for a granddaughter as they turn 13. They are about values. The third part is being written now (2017).

For my fourth granddaughter who will only turn thirteen in 2025 I will do something else - who knows what technology will be available then?


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