nicole barrSizedScouring the Internet in 2015 I found an interesting story about a 12 year-old genius written by Rachel Bertsche on Yahoo Parenting.

In a MENSA IQ test she got the perfect score - 162. That’s higher than Stephen Hawking, and Albert Einstein.

The lady in question, Nicole Barr, beat her father hands down during the test - they wrote it together.“In the last section, at the four-minute warning, I quickly glanced up to see if Nicole was feeling the pressure, and she already had put her pen down. There were questions I didn’t finish at all,” he said ruefully.

ShakespeareI had never heard or read the word “autodidact” until a few years ago when researching a story on human intelligence.

I realised that I am an autodidact, and have been one most of my adult life. This realisation lifted a massive weight off my shoulders.

I was seeing some clients at the time who were referred to me by a  school vice principal to help with possible ADHD in the parents.

I need to confess that in my other life I am an ADHD coach and a provider of tools to manage the condition effectively.

I wrote a proposal and sent it off to them with a document explaining how the coaching works within the family context. I had still not heard from them. This very seldom happens.

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