My attention was recently drawn to a Twitter post providing a link to Pew Research Global Attitudes Project. The title was Global Views On Morality.

The "global" part consisted of only 40 of the world's 196 countries that were surveyed, about a fifth, or 20%. More than 40 000 people were surveyed across the major regions of the world. Three different ratings are supplied, Unacceptable, Acceptable, and Not A Moral Issue.

DavePenI wrote this piece on 18 April 2014 when I turned 60. 

That doesn't sound like a lot of years to me, but I guess to younger people it sounds ancient; I know 40 years ago I couldn't imagine being 60. People older than me are very reassuring when they wished me today, “you won’t feel any different,” they say, “even when you reach my age.”

That’s a scary thought because I don’t ever ask them how old they are, something that was drummed into me as a child. “Don’t ever ask an adult how old they are, especially if they are ladies.” This was usually said through thin lips in a shouty voice, and accompanied by a wagging index finger.

When my eldest was about 4 or 5, he did something that only beautiful blond boys can get away with. A friend of his Gran had come to visit her; the express purpose being to meet this apple of her eye.

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